IFA Presents: Film Distribution Masterclass

IFA Presents: Film Distribution Masterclass

What is your strategy to sell your film? Most filmmaker focus all of their energy on making their film and leave the notion of actually selling it until the last minute. This is almost always the kiss of death for film distribution. No matter your budget, it is essential that you start early on with a strategy to make your audience aware of your film. As you build audience awareness, you must also build up your film towards it's release date. Anticipation of a film's release is absolutely essential.

Of course, when it's time for your film to be released, you must also understand the ever changing world of distribution. Should you take your film to festivals? How can you sell your film at the AFM? Who do you need to be in touch with as your film is being made? All of these questions will make sure that when it comes time to make a distribution deal you know what you are doing.

In this masterclass we talk with some of the biggest experts in film marketing and distribution. They will guid you through the process and tell you everything you need to know to make sure you don't make bad deals or fail to get noticed. Each conversation focuses on one main topic. We discuss ways to focus on a niche audience. All of the deliverables you will need. How to get into rotten tomatoes and large publications. How to sell your film at the American Film Market. And much much more.

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IFA Presents: Film Distribution Masterclass

13 Videos

  • Galen Christy AFM 2015 Review

    Galen Christy was nice enough to join us again to discuss what he saw at this year's American Film Market.

  • Jerome Courshon, The Secrets to Distribution

    The Secrets to Distribution: www.distribution.la

    Film producer, distribution expert, and today's "go-to" authority of how to get a film to market, Jerome Courshon has broken open the "exclusive club" of successful independent producers with his innovative 3-Day Program, "THE SECRETS TO DISTRIB...

  • Ben Yennie of The Guerilla Rep

    Ben Yennie is the Founder and CEO of Ben Yennie and Associates LLC, and founder at Producer Foundry. Former Chapter Leader for the Institute for International Film Finance for San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, and Los Angeles, where he hosted and organized many seminars on Film Finance, and scr...

  • Chris Holland of Film Festival Secrets

    Chris Holland is the founder of www.filmfestivalsecrets.com and the author of book "Film Festival Secrets: A Handbook for Independent Filmmakers".

  • Galen Christy of Empress Road Pictures

    With over eight years of experience in entertainment, Galen Christy has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the film industry.

    Beginning his career at Paramount Studios, Galen was quickly drafted by Creative Artists Agency (CAA) where he worked for the head of Motion ...

  • Jon Reiss

    Jon Reiss is an award-winning producer and director, named one of "10 Digital Directors to Watch" by Daily Variety. His work has screened at prestigious film festivals around the world, including Sundance, Toronto, Berlin, Tribeca, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, Seattle, New Directors/New Films Festival...

  • Scott McMahon of Film Trooper

    I spent the past 20 years working professionally in the areas of interactive gaming, film, TV, video production, and web media creation.

    For nearly 12 years, I supervised the Cinematic Department for Sony PlayStation. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to play in that huge sandbox, workin...

  • Mia Bruno of Seed&Spark

    Mia is the Producer of Marketing & Distribution at Seed&Spark.

  • Jason Brubaker of Filmmaking Stuff

    Jason Brubaker is a Los Angeles based movie distribution executive specializing in direct to consumer distribution strategies. As the founder of Brubaker Unlimited, he currently consults with media companies, rights holders and content creators to develop strategies to source content, maximize di...

  • Linda Nelson of Indie Rights

    Linda Nelson is the co-founder of Indie Rights. A subsidiary of Nelson Madison Films, Indie Rights is a direct distributor and technology partner for filmmakers. Based on the experience of its founders, Linda Nelson and Michael Madison, the need for a new type of distribution for independent film...

  • Scott Kirkpatrick

    Scott Kirkpatrick is the former Director of Distribution for MarVista Entertainment, a Los Angeles based production and distribution company that produces original Lifetime and SyFy channel films, co-produces TV movies with Disney and Nickelodeon, and has managed international TV deals on major f...

  • Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle

    There are thousands of films every year that are shot, and then somewhere in the post production process the film just simply gets lost. Sometimes filmmakers underestimate the cost of editing, sound design, mastering, and deliverables. Many times, filmmakers thing they can use their entire budget...

  • Ron Newcomb of The Forge Studios

    Director, Writer, Actor, and Producer: Ron has written and directed award winning short and feature-length independent films. He founded the Fellowship of Christian Filmmakers, a network of over 500 Christian filmmakers and film enthusiasts, organized and co-leads the DMV Producers Association, ...